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Nazli Tarcan is a Turkish artist and illustrator currently based in Namur, Belgium. Developing her craft, she has worked with different traditional mediums, including gouache, watercolor, and collage, and she now works primarily as a digital artist.

 After studying illustration in high school, she went on to study photography at one of Turkey’s most prestigious fine art universities, Yildiz Technical University. But midway through her studies, while doing a project with a local performance group, Nazli followed her creative call and ran away with the circus in 2011. She has been performing circus ever since, traveling through Qatar, Georgia, Tajikistan, Greece, France, Poland, and many other European countries. Splitting her career between children’s illustration and performing, Nazli’s life is filled with her creative passions.

As an artist, Nazli takes inspiration from the tiny details of everyday life. Her work is nostalgic, playful, and vivid. She fell in love with art at 3 years old, and it has been a source of joy and relaxation ever since. Sketching with pencil and marker when inspiration hits, Nazli develops and finishes her pieces in digital media.

She is represented by Taylor Martindale Kean at Full Circle Literary.

Untitled_Artwork 274.jpg

Some of her drawings when she was 6.

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